While all swimming aids have a time and a place,at Swimming Wonders we believe in teaching our babies and parents to be confident in the water without the use of buoyancy aids, while at the same time have a respect for the dangers.

In Dubai we are lucky to have all year round access to pools, beaches, water parks etc and whilst this is certainly a huge benefit of living here, it also leaves parents with huge concerns regarding their child’s water safety, with drowning being one of the largest accidental deaths in children worldwide. Floating devices can be used but they do tend to give a false sense of security to the child and to the parent. The child can become dependent on them and feel insecure in the water when not wearing them.  Parents can feel the child is safe and be more relaxed whilst supervising which is definitely not recommended as the device can slip off and lead to drowning

Some parents opt for the use of armbands. Although it can help a child to float, we do not use them in our classes. The armbands allow a baby to float in a vertical position whereas swimming usually is done in a horizontal position of the body.

Our advice would be, buoyancy aids are not an alternative to supervision and over use can reduce confidence in the water, give an incorrect water position and hinder development of correct techniques.